mama kats A movie you loved as a child

Remember this little gem? Cue the opening credits:

I could reenact this whole scene… just sayin… I could quote most of the movie by heart…. enhanced-buzz-30116-1380674152-15

…. after all her dancing like an idiot our lead character… Chris Parker… gets the news from her boyfriend Mike that he has to cancel their date because his little sister is sick. Dejected –  Chris gets roped into babysitting for the Anderson family’s two kids, Brad and Sara. Well only 8 year old Sara really needs a babysitter because Brad is 15 years old and happens to have a huge crush on Chris. It seems the night might be a pretty boring one despite the awkwardness of Brad having to be babysat by his older crush until Chris gets a call from her friend Brenda. She’s at the bus station downtown after running away from home and having blown money on the ride there… she now needs Chris to come and pick her up. With no choice but to bring Brad and Sara along… And so the adventure begins!

I think my facial expression was similar the first time small child threw up out of the corners of his eyes!

I think my facial expression was similar the first time small child threw up out of the corners of his eyes!

How about some 80′s style Thorgasms to finish this little walk down memory lane… Quit laughing… this was TOTALLY considered hot once.



What was your favorite movie from your youth? I need some good suggestions as I seem to be coming down with a cold…. I’m pretty sure Ive got some more great movies in my coming weekend.

UPDATED: – I just think you needed this as well…

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7 Responses to Adventures in Babysitting….

  1. MJ says:

    Oh I loved this movie! My top two favorites as a kid/teen were Footloose and Top Gun. I think I wore out my VHS tapes ;-)

  2. Cookie Wife says:

    BAHAHAHAA!!!! I haven’t seen that in forever! Let’s watch it along with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! We’ll have Erika watch all the kiddos at my house! LOL :)

  3. Kerry says:

    Oh Totally!!! You bring cookies!

  4. Megan says:

    This movie is definitely in my tops! I could have a double-feature of this and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and be content for the evening!

  5. Mimi says:

    I loved this movie, and I think I was an older teen when it came out! I’m not even sure how many times I saw this and wanted to be Chris! lol I shared about my favorite movie, too, but mine was a cartoon. =)

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