Slurpees on Saturday.

Me: Saturday is all good to go still. If <insert adorable niece anonymity here> falls off the bed, imma punch her in da face… I am ready for a night with no kiddos I think…

Mr. Amazing:  OMG I know, Lots of kids. Thanks for asking, I appreciate it, It will be nice to have a night with just the two of us, That way I can upset you without the smalls mocking me


me:  Bahahaha!!! Sounds like a romantic evening


Mr. Amazing:  Well, we all know the universal constant, I will do something stupid


me:  No uh, you do not…Quit that…You are amazing and I miss having slurpees with you


Mr. Amazing:  lol we have a night scheduled for it now


me:  ROTFL!


Mr. Amazing: Let me just pencil that in


me:  BAHAHAH! I was just trying to make you blush!


Mr. Amazing:  There, I put it on the calendar


me:  You behave


Mr. Amazing:   Slurpees with wife between 10 PM and 8 AM


me:  That long?


Mr. Amazing:  Just covering my bases


me:  BAHAHAH! okay okay, stop


Mr. Amazing:   I wouldn’t want something to get scheduled on top of that


me:  Oh comeon! just once let me shock you!


Mr. Amazing:  I am shocked


me:  bratface

Mr. Amazing:  seriously though it’s scheduled I set a 1 hour reminder  It’s a new moon on the 1st That’s also on my calendar




Mr. Amazing:   it just says “Slurpees with Wife”


me:  ROTFLMAO! You know whats gonna happen now dontcha?


Mr. Amazing:   We won’t be able to I’m taking it off of my calendar just in case no offense


me:  ROTFL!!! Im Blogging this!

Mr. Amazing:  No you are not

me:  Ummmm Still blogging it


Mr. Amazing  nope I don’t need my mother to know what my slurpee schedule is, Oh Jeebus don’t blog it

I am going to create a blog called”Don’t Blog It!”

me:  What if I swap out the word sex for slurpees!!!


2 comments on “Slurpees on Saturday.

  1. Cookie Wife

    I will never again be able to have another Slurpee… There goes my July 11th tradition.

    1. Kerry