That's my mouth... filled with Coconut Oil.... Its happening as I type

That’s my mouth… filled with Coconut Oil….  as I type

 Something new you’re loving mama katsWe have all read the posts about it… and if you are like me you read the snopes and hoax pages about it too…. it’s been posted about everywhere and by everyone I know… I ordered an organic unrefined coconut oil tub off of amazon… and tossed a big hunk (about a tablespoon) of what looked like crisco into my mouth… at first I gagged a little… The taste didn’t bother me at all… but the texture was well… slimy… But I swished it in my mouth for 20 minutes… and figured I would give it a week… By the 5th day I knew…  I caught myself looking at the clock… I have made it part of my bed time routine… and I found myself looking forward to it… on the 7th day I called Mr. Amazing over to have a look at my teeth… which is something I have hated my entire life… I was a smoker (I QUIT!) and have a full time chewing gum habit… as well as horrible oral hygiene… Its true… and a fear of dentists… My Teeth were white! Not just a little whiter… “Markedly Brighter” Mr Amazing said… I loved how they felt… my breath in the mornings doesn’t melt paint either… just sayin… Soon (during the second week) I noticed my gums didn’t bleed anymore when I brushed them in the morning… (I totally still brush) my skin looked better (I can only assume that I am ingesting some even though I don’t swallow it) my lips were soft.

and I smiled


in pictures.

That is something new… that I LOVE!

Sorry So Short! Time to Spit!!

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10 Responses to Well… I was a skeptic…

  1. carol says:

    Interesting… glad you have your white teeth back.

  2. Wow, is there anything coconut oil can’t do? So impressive!

  3. Cookie Wife says:

    FINE!!! I’ll start tonight! :p

  4. Kat says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this recently too! I don’t know if I could keep from gagging with a mouthful of oil in my mouth, but you’ve almost convinced me!

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