Hunger Like Love… A Book Review

I Already Reviewed it on Amazon but I found myself with more to say….

Hunger Like Love … By Jane Devin (Author of Elephant Girl)

After reading the title I found myself quite shocked to be in the story of a young child… but I quickly came to love the character “Easton” I related too much… and was impressed by the lack of anger the writing expressed… in fact it was written beautifully… and without resentment… I quickly came to love Easton in his adulthood… His display of unconditional love in parenting a child that was not his… the lengths he went to… the moral integrity told in such a way that I found myself letting go of so much of my own resentments. Then his relentless search for love… never giving up… finding it in the most unusual places… and his love affair with mankind as a whole…. I found myself smiling through this book… I found myself cheering on his daughter Liberty… I was inside the story… and that takes a special kind of writing.


I read Elephant Girl … Jane’s first novel… and fell in love with her writing style then. There is something so poetic about it. Every good writer can describe a scene in such a way that makes you feel you are there, and in that hopes to encourage you to feel as the characters feel along the way…. Jane has the ability to describe the emotions in such a way that you feel them, physically, and then it is not so hard to imagine your surroundings being the same as the characters.

If you find yourself giving up on man kind… or looking for good in it… read Hunger Like Love… it is still there.

My Favorite Excerpt

” I’d written once that my desire for a partner, for intimate love, was like a hunger that other types of love did not fill, and that few times I tried to explain it to well-meaning people inevitably led to them point out that I had the love of a daughter and friends. The more I tried to clarify that it wasn’t the same, the more misunderstood I felt. I wasn’t looking for pity or bromides. I didn’t want to be told, as if it were a fact, that the right person would come along when I wasn’t looking. I didn’t want to be encouraged to get a therapeutic massage, volunteer more time to social causes or adopt another pet. I simply wanted to share what it was like to feel the kind of restless hunger I felt. I wanted my friends to know the part of me that was so often hidden or buried. After a few attempts I quit confiding. I understood that it was like trying to explain the gnawing ache of hunger pangs to people who had never gone hungry.”

I hope I never forget what it is like to be hungry.


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  1. Annis Cassells

    Terrific review. I loved the book, too!

    1. Kerry