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I wish someone had told me… Happiness is a choice… Misery is optional.

Happiness and Joy have kind of been my theme this week… you see… sometimes I can’t find my joy… sometimes it is buried down so deep under those days we don’t talk about very often… because when we are capable of talking about them… we remind ourselves not to dwell on them. The days that my head is clear enough for rational thought I choose happiness… misery is optional on those days… we all know someone who chooses misery… who is comfortable is wallowing in their own self loathing… or belief that nothing is good… that everything is against them… avoid them. It took me a long time to learn I could choose happiness… that wallowing in misery didn’t make me more poetic or beautiful… I’ve learned a lot… the hard way… Some of this I simply read somewhere… but I wish someone would have told me….

  • There are no grown-ups. We suspect this when we are younger… we were right.

  • Life is too short to have “Lunch” with people you don’t want to.

  • Life is too long to not take care of yourself… or at least your knees.

  • There are no soul mates… Not in the traditional sense, at least… and you will miss out on some near soul mates… this goes for friends as well.

  • To stop spending too little time with the right people

  • Chin Hair… it happens… and it isn’t the end of the world… Stop crying and Pluck that shit.

  • Stop.. I repeat Stop googling everything you are worried about. It does not help.

  • Start googling everything you are curious about… discover your passions.

  • Eight hours of continuous… unmedicated sleep is one of life’s great pleasures.

responsible for my own happiness Shout out to MamaKat and her awesome writing prompts this week!!! mama kats

Who’s got two thumbs and bought FanX/ComicCon tickets! This Girl!





mama kats  The most exciting thing you purchased this month.

2014-04-18 13.34.37


I wanted to do something fun for small child… all of his friends were going… so when he asked… ofcourse I told him they were sold out…

I then showed up at his school with a sonic screwdriver made a quick stop at a thrift store…He dressed as Dr. Who and the greatest day ever proceeded to happen

2014-04-18 17.17.43

At one point I was concerned that we were just walking around.. not really accomplishing anything… I asked him if he wanted to attend any panels… because I didnt want him to feel like he was just walking around… he looked at me and exclaimed “THIS IS AWESOME!” So we continued to walk around and see everything.

2014-04-18 17.16.48 2014-04-18 16.07.06 2014-04-18 15.43.10

Besides… Only at FanX – Comic con can this Easter Picture be created… and be honest… it is the greatest one you have ever seen!


NSFW… in a SFW kinda way

Well… I’ve also got to introduce a new character I suppose to this blog…She needs a name… Let’s just call her the CoffeelessCanadian…

Ya kinda hafta come in mid conversation… Be warned… this is a real thing however… and I wouldn’t click the links if you are at work or have small children around you… but you will eventually need to click the links… because… someone somewhere out there is wearing that underwear… and you wouldn’t even know it. Also… I used the NSFW acronym because well… its funny… and this (SFW) but all the JUNK is covered… I don’t wanna be staring at it… hell I do not even know how they walk around with those things!



CoffeelessCanadian: You know you are going to get us both some for CHRISTMAS!

Me: Can’t… I’ve already ordered you this for Christmas – Real EBAY Auction Link (NSFW) 


CoffeelessCanadian: OMG STOP GOGGLING THEM!

Me: They could have at least waxed… just sayin’

CoffeelessCanadian: ROTFL that’s what you notice??? I’m trying to figure out why he is smelling his pits

Me: ROTFLMAO! They are wearing rubber-bands over their JUNK and that is what you notice?

CoffeelessCanadian: I Don’t want him. He is tooooo young and he’d be sloppy GUARANTEED! and I want pants.

Me:  Woman.. anyone that wants whatever kinda man in that thong has issues. It just looks painful!

CoffeelessCanadian: Good hell woman! PANTS! move on… too young.. and judging by his nose placement he has not showered in a while

Me: What if it becomes a swimsuit trend!

CoffeelessCanadian: Then I am putting in my own friggin pool!

Me: Right? Cause your father in law… or any father for that matter…. You are welcome

CoffeelessCanadian: OMG I may officially hate you for that.


A little Regina seems appropriate…

They made a statue of us
And it put it on a mountain top
Now tourists come and stare at us
Blow bubbles with their gum
Take photographs have fun, have fun


Happiness in the most surprising places…

mama kats

Things that make you happy.



Full Moons…

Sci-Fi movie marathons… KHAAAAANNNNN!!

Believing in a good cause.

Stupid catchy songs… that make you want to dance…

Being told it is going to be okay…

Coffee… with extra cinnamon creamer

Sunday Mornings… including PostSecret and Charles Osgood with his many bow-ties

Nostalgia… any kind… sweet and sad combined.

Babies… seriously… who doesn’t love babies…

Tallest Childs Tiny one

Tallest Childs Tiny one

Assigning your friends roles on your Zombie Apocalypse  Team

Daisy Chains…


The Lake


Happiness is always there… just hiding around the corner… in the polite nod of people you pass… to the sound of children at the park that you can hear if you take the time to roll down the window and listen to their screams of laughter and delight… happiness can be felt in sea salt caramel gelato… in red jelly beans… in an open window on a cool night listening to cars hum by. Happiness is found in hidden treats left by a best friend… in the sound of your child practicing the piano… in service.

Happiness is a soft bed and cool sheets… which is where I am headed now… I hope you are happy too.

What do you do with a day off?


<scratches watching Jillian Michaels burn fat boost metabolism whilst eating popcorn on the couch in pajamas off her bucket list>

My day looked much like this… bahahahahaha

Captain America?? Yes Please

I know that this is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post…. but we LOVED the movie!! Consider it a Must See in IMAX 3D