Happiness in the most surprising places…

mama kats

Things that make you happy.



Full Moons…

Sci-Fi movie marathons… KHAAAAANNNNN!!

Believing in a good cause.

Stupid catchy songs… that make you want to dance…

Being told it is going to be okay…

Coffee… with extra cinnamon creamer

Sunday Mornings… including PostSecret and Charles Osgood with his many bow-ties

Nostalgia… any kind… sweet and sad combined.

Babies… seriously… who doesn’t love babies…

Tallest Childs Tiny one

Tallest Childs Tiny one

Assigning your friends roles on your Zombie Apocalypse  Team

Daisy Chains…


The Lake


Happiness is always there… just hiding around the corner… in the polite nod of people you pass… to the sound of children at the park that you can hear if you take the time to roll down the window and listen to their screams of laughter and delight… happiness can be felt in sea salt caramel gelato… in red jelly beans… in an open window on a cool night listening to cars hum by. Happiness is found in hidden treats left by a best friend… in the sound of your child practicing the piano… in service.

Happiness is a soft bed and cool sheets… which is where I am headed now… I hope you are happy too.

10 comments on “Happiness in the most surprising places…

    1. Kerry

      Thanks for reading!

  1. carol

    Love your list of happiness! It is in the everyday small things. Thanks for the reminder.

    And, I agree… getting into bed with clean, cool sheets is happiness like no other!

    1. Kerry

      Right? Because it is! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Kerry

      Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  2. Kat

    Such a great list. I don’t know what it is about being told everything is going to be okay, but there is so much comfort on that reassurance from somebody. I like that one!

    1. Kerry

      Completely agreed… It is nice to hear.

  3. Allie

    What a great list. I LOVE sunsets, too. I can’t believe I forgot to add it to my list.

    1. Kerry

      Thanks! I love how nature just fixes a bad day with a beautiful pink and orange sky.