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Summer Vacation? Yes Please!



These are some VERY excited smalls… what was that old saying? No more homework… no more books… no more teachers dirty looks… LOL



Having your cake and eating it too…

mama kats A blog post inspired by the word: sweet

Okay… I will be honest… I read through the prompts this week and just couldn’t come up with a single thing… So I went to my fall back and depended on others to make the magic happen, and by magic I mean cake!

me:  I want cake

Mr. Amazing:  LOL that was random

 me:  Random yes… but true still …in fact, even more than cake… I want pie

Mr. Amazing:   Lemon Rasperry cake 4

 me:  okay… fuck pie… I want that cake

Mr. Amazing:   ROFL

 me:  these things are important dear!

Mr. Amazing:   should I stop by the bakery on the way home? ROFL

 me:  I dont think the bakery will have that cake…And now that I have seen it… nothing else will do…I should show it to The Cookie wife LMAO!

 Mr. Amazing:  ROFLMAO it is butter-cream with lemon curd and fresh raspberries

 me:  Cookie Wife… we need to have a serious talk…

I know cookies is your thing… I get that…

I married into the idea…. but… I NEED this cake

Lemon Rasperry cake 4

CookieWife:  LOL!! It looks tasty!!

 me:  I NEED it, from the very pit of my soul!

it is butter-cream with lemon curd

and fresh raspberries

Mr. Amazing:  ROFLMAO

 me:  Why is everyone laughing! This is serious! clear to the pit of my soul I NEED that cake …. BAHAHAHA

Mr. Amazing:  Why are you laughing then?

 me:  because I am deranged…. I part of my soul is missing… I think its that cake!

CookieWife:  Where’s the recipe???


 CookieWife:  It has GRAM and CELSIUS measurements!!!!

Where did you find it??

 me:  LOL! I just saw the pic and hunted it down ROTFL!

 CookieWife:  If you convert all the measurements, I’ll bake it! ;)

me:  SHADDUP! I will get Mr Amazing in on this… 

 me: It has GRAM and CELSIUS measurements!!!!

If you convert all the measurements, She’ll bake it! ;)


Mr. Amazing:  ROFLMAO temperature is Celsius and weight is grams

 me:  Quick! Find me another cake…

2014-05-21 14.37.51
These magical little goodies showed up at my office today… they are Lemon Curd and Fresh Raspberries on Shortcake? I think… They were divine! I have the coolest life ever. That is all

Cold No More.- Fiction

“Go oft to the house of thy friend, for weeds choke the unused path.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

She hadn’t been here in a while… truth be told… it had been almost 6 months… The groundskeepers have not been here to do spring clean up yet… there are branches bare and lying on the grass… straw like yellowed grass … sharp… with new bright green sprouts beginning to pop through them showing life renewed… the grass will be the only life brought back here… the friends here would never walk on this grass… She stopped then… next to the statue of the angel… and the fountain that was still dry awaiting maintenance and care. Stooping to pluck a blade of the fresh new green grass she let out a long shaky breath… exhaling deeply and inhaling the scent of the pines that framed the hillside… she twirled the grass between her fingers and wished for a moment that the lives buried under it could be reborn as well, that she could pluck her friend and put him at her side again… his shoulder brushing against hers as they walked… his laughter at her morbid sense of humor… his constant need to startle her… causing her to jump, shrink back and scream of terror… his companionship.

Her eyes traveled then to one of the grouping of pines along the path… his marker was over grown with dandelions and long crab grass… and regardless of her need to have time stand still… or stop all together… it had passed. She made her way there and squatted down… tracing his name with the tip of her finger… the granite still cold… the ground beneath it must be cold as well… she was cold… was he? she pulled the dandelions… blowing on a few and watching their seeds blow through the air… dancing with it as if the wind were leading it through some intricate steps. She pulled back the coarse crab grass… cutting her finger on a blade… similar to a paper cut.

“I am sorry I have been away so long my friend. There is not a day that you are not part of a story I tell or a gesture that I make. I miss you.”

She felt better… talking to him… she knew the stages of grief… she believed she could still feel his light here… she would return often.

She made her way back down the hillside… and outside the gates of the Washington Street Cemetery. They were there… waiting for her… they each took a side of her… their shoulders brushing hers.. She smiled up at at the sky as the sun shone so brightly… as it does every spring after a cold long winter. Each moment counted… Each word could be the last …  this  season was meant to be savored.

“I Love you guys”

They smiled down at her and both leaned in at the same time until she was crushed between them “Smunch Sandwich!”



and once again… Painted Angels

I have been painting angels for as long as I have been painting… every time I get into my beloved paint room this is what comes of it… Here is my latest from  the time I had on Mothers Day to relax…  I love her.

2014-05-11 16.10.12 2014-05-11 16.09.34

I choose you…

Theme Song Thursday just got mushy! This brought tears to my eyes… and was an instant earworm… I figured I could spread the love.

Don’t Let me get me…

mama kats List your top 6 biggest fears, choose one and tell us why.

#1 My favorite genre of movie is Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi/Paranormal etc… But Scary movies that say “based on a true story.” Um, no… what this means is this could actually happen to me.


#2 People that get professional photos taken with their pets. Adding your puppy in your outdoor family photo shoot isn’t what we are talking about… Im talking about the ones that go into a studio… alone with their cat, dog, parakeet or whatever… You people scare me. Double points to those that get professional photos taken of their pets… And then hang them in their own entry.

Bird Photography San Francisco

#3 Spiders… But…


As previously eluded too… I love Dr. Who… .but… #4


And THIS! #5


Okay okay… all fun and games.. I know… (or is it?)… What really scares me… gives me nightmares… keeps me awake at night… is #6 myself.

What really scares me is that I’m average I’m not really good at anything or really beautiful I’m going to live an average life with an average job an average income and die an average death with an average funeral…That may be good enough for some people… but not me…

Each day I face my fear …. I wake up and tell my brain to go fuck itself and head out to give someone something to remember me by… every single day.