Don’t Let me get me…

mama kats List your top 6 biggest fears, choose one and tell us why.

#1 My favorite genre of movie is Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi/Paranormal etc… But Scary movies that say “based on a true story.” Um, no… what this means is this could actually happen to me.


#2 People that get professional photos taken with their pets. Adding your puppy in your outdoor family photo shoot isn’t what we are talking about… Im talking about the ones that go into a studio… alone with their cat, dog, parakeet or whatever… You people scare me. Double points to those that get professional photos taken of their pets… And then hang them in their own entry.

Bird Photography San Francisco

#3 Spiders… But…


As previously eluded too… I love Dr. Who… .but… #4


And THIS! #5


Okay okay… all fun and games.. I know… (or is it?)… What really scares me… gives me nightmares… keeps me awake at night… is #6 myself.

What really scares me is that I’m average I’m not really good at anything or really beautiful I’m going to live an average life with an average job an average income and die an average death with an average funeral…That may be good enough for some people… but not me…

Each day I face my fear …. I wake up and tell my brain to go fuck itself and head out to give someone something to remember me by… every single day.




14 comments on “Don’t Let me get me…

  1. MryJhnsn (@mryjhnsn)

    Every image on here is a fear of mine. Off to my therapy session.

    1. Kerry

      ha ha!!! Love it!

  2. Nomadic Living

    Where to begin…my mind is already terrorized by the 1st photo and then kept saying turn away..she’s showing you your fears! I love how you are determined to live beyond average! You go for it! I’ll continue to try not to see the eyes of the statues in graveyards following me…ugh…fear number one billion!

    1. Kerry

      Thank you!!! You are awesome!

  3. May

    Something to remember you by….I love your spirit!

    1. Kerry

      Thank you!!

    1. Kerry

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Cinella

    Oh yeah! The world is full of too many crazies!!
    Cinella @ TMB

    stoppin by from MamaKats

    1. Kerry

      Very much so!!

  5. Kat

    Maybe the problem is you haven’t properly bonded with a parrot. I feel like that could fix everything.

    1. Kerry


  6. Tina

    You are certainly NOT average. Average women do not have blogs, and average women simply do not look as awesome as you do in red.

    1. Kerry

      You are amazing! Thank You!