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So I have been sick for a couple weeks… I am sick still…. I just didnt want you guys to stop checking back…. or to trigger any abandonment issues you may… ha ha

Dead Animals & Fathers Day

mama katsSomething your family did to celebrate Father’s Day.

We looked at dead animals… Normally this isn’t something I would blog about… and I would not normally blog about what we did on Fathers Day either… separately they are a little too educational and unimpressive for a blog post…. but when combined… I suppose I feel like it is just freaky enough to qualify for a post… So here it is!

reindeer download Camel

Before you believe I am lacking in the tact department… or better yet… Completely heartless….


It was super educational and fascinating… and a day at the museum on a Sunday is somewhat our “thing”

Some parts of the exhibit might have been a bit creepy for us… this exhibit was bound to start some interesting… thought-provoking conversations with our kids.  The human skeleton… with all its attachments… well… attached… it was a man… elicited some laughter from small child… Smallest child just kept asking to see the butts…. Otherwise… no nightmares were reported… (I copied the following paragraph of info from the Leonardo’s website… hence the big words and lack of ellipses) 

The animals on display have been preserved via plastination, a process which replaces fluids with plastics. The plastination process is also able to “peel back” layers of the featured animals, revealing intricate blood vessel, muscle and digestive systems, giving viewers a unique view into the spectacular biological systems that rule nature. You’ll have the chance to sneak inside a rabbit’s brain and catch a shark frozen in action. (All of the animals featured died of natural causes – so no animals were harmed as this exhibit was created.)

This chic wasn’t on display… or this blog post would have read entirely different… and probably have been more entertaining.

walking dead amc 640

And just like them old stars…

This song is a little more country sounding than I usually go for… but I am feeling it this week… right in the feelings. Plus, I love me some Jason Mraz… and I believe in old souls.

The King of Patience… Really

mama katsFather’s Day inspired! Share something your husband does better than you as a parent.

He is such a hard working man and makes it known that family always comes first no matter what regardless of any situation… Also he is a loving man… he doesn’t mess around with the stereotypical things one might think of when you think of a man… He is not afraid to show his emotions and not afraid to express them…. He understands the complexity of a woman and mother and embraces those complexities to make him a better daddy…  He understands that his children are a part of him and makes it his duty to love… support… and encourage them as if they are his only priorities in the world… “Daddy” is the ultimate man in his daughters eyes. … No one can top or ever compare to a daddy that has been around for their child. 

I would like to believe that I also have the qualities listed above…  we are a blended family… and we have the same priorities as far as it goes… with our individual child… each others child… each other… extended family/ friends… careers…I am the talker… I am who they talk too… and confide in… and ask advice… We each have our roles… I am so grateful he fills his so well.

… He plays… as I type this he is engaged in a match of Magic the Gathering with my small… my small that adores him so much… even though he is not his dad… he loves him so… I don’t think for one second it has made losing his father any easier… But I do think it makes living with me 100% of the time more bearable 🙂

He plays with smallest child… barbies… lalaloopsy… I can hear him reading her bed time stories… and doing voices as she laughs.

He plays with the both of them on the beach… while I admonish them… and relax… and soak up the sun and savor the moment they are entertained…

20140531_153914 20140531_151020

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads… Living and In Heaven…or doing it alone… and to the Moms who are doing it alone… and Men who are dads to other Men’s children… 

This Day..

With no make up… and in pajamas… laughing uncontrollably… we middle aged middle class middle of the day took selfies!

This man is the love of my life… that is all…


Discussion In The car. ..
Me: <to smallest child> believe it or not I love your daddy more today than I did when I married him.
Mr. Amazing: I love her more too
Smallest Child: I love  more than then too.
Small Child: don’t expect any mushy stuff from me guys. .. seriously


… The Lake!

On the last day of school each year we pick the smalls up from school with the car already packed and head out for the lake… and what a weekend it was!