This Day..

With no make up… and in pajamas… laughing uncontrollably… we middle aged middle class middle of the day took selfies!

This man is the love of my life… that is all…


Discussion In The car. ..
Me: <to smallest child> believe it or not I love your daddy more today than I did when I married him.
Mr. Amazing: I love her more too
Smallest Child: I love  more than then too.
Small Child: don’t expect any mushy stuff from me guys. .. seriously


2 comments on “This Day..

  1. Nomadic Living

    LOL. I adore your little darlin’s take on “mushy stuff”…little do they know that one day far from now…they will take selfies and adore the person they married with loads of mushy moments!

    1. Kerry

      Lol! I hope so! I wouldn’t wish any less for him 😉