Maleficent and Movement

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A lot of changes came our way in June… we did some rearranging of our lives… and  rearranging of some furniture. Small Child decided he was tired of being small… and moved into the finished basement… and made himself a Man Cave…. When he proposed this I figured the best way out of it was to tell him he had to do it all himself… Within 24 hours the toy room had been moved into my paint room… my paint room had been moved into the bedroom next to mine … finally removing himself from it and down into what was originally the toy room. This is not a small amount of furniture… he moved wardrobes, book shelves, dressers and all their contents…. sigh… and left me…

During this movefest smallest child asked for more time with us… and we took the appropriate actions to make that happen… We have her more sleeps… but some of the waking time is less… I am pretty sure only people who go through visitation and custody battles will get this… the change is hard but we are going into a 5 sleep stretch starting today… and I am so glad…

All of this is the back story to this photo… I found some time to paint… Smallest child has requested paintings for the Toy Room decor… The very best part about painting is not caring how they turn out… I paint for the motion of painting… for the soul soothing color blending music listening aroma therapy infusing experience…. and it doesn’t matter the outcome… I have the coolest fan club in the world

My Malificent Shadow

My Malificent Shadow

6 comments on “Maleficent and Movement

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    Love this – all of it. Hope the moves and more time are going well for all.

    1. Kerry

      Change is good, It always is 🙂

  2. laura

    You have had a lot going on, but seem to be making it all work!
    I love the picture you painted. Such a cool perspective.

    1. Kerry

      Thank you! You’re sweet!

  3. Kat

    That painting is perfect for the toy room! I bet your kids are thrilled to have that kind of talent at their disposal. 🙂

    1. Kerry

      You are too sweet 🙂