Plot Twist… I’m not dead.


It has been over a month since I posted about being sick… I didn’t have much energy to post about it… and I didn’t know what it was… only that it wasn’t going away. What I thought was a kidney infection I was told was not… so they did a CT scan looking for stones to explain the fevers and blood in my urine… They did not find stones but found Diverticulitis… which was odd… and I had not a single symptom of it that I should have…. 4 rounds of antibiotics that made me feel worse than the original complaint later… the fevers still did not stop… This called for another CT scan in which they found a clot in my spleen (infarction is the word… but its ugly… so I still say clot) … 1 colonoscopy later (in which they were able to see the diverticulitis was gone and did not appear to be cancer) I was sent to an infectious disease specialist… I tested positive for CMV… which is not super normal for someone like me with a normal immune (not recieveing cancer treatments not HIV positive)  system to have issues with it… but I am not normal… we know this.. and the symptoms and diagnosis stuck.. and I appear to finally be on the mend… which leads me back to some normalcy in my life… hence the really boring blog update prior to my usual nothing I post about… so now you know… there you go 🙂

On a lighter note… earlier this year I wrote about a vacation I desperately wanted and I am happy to announce THIS  is happening in ten days!

Carry on… let the chaos continue…

2 comments on “Plot Twist… I’m not dead.

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    SO sorry to hear about your health issues – how frustrating! I hope you are getting some relief.
    Yay for vacations and glad to see you back!

    1. Kerry

      Thanks! I am hoping we are past the sick and can just get on with the vacation 🙂