Mothers Curse? I think not.

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Sophomore… he is going to be a freaking Sophomore…. Kill me dead…

I paid the registration fees this week… I almost killed over then and there… I took him to get his learners permit… which he failed… ha! Well… So did I the first time… and that is exactly where our similarities end…

My Sophomore year… I lost my virginity… I had already experimented in every known substance invented at the time…and continued to do so… I smoked camel cigarettes… I had half my head shaved and the half that still had hair was a strange blend of black and purple… with my blonde roots poking through it… I wore clothes with bullet holes in them and safety pins… I owned and lived in combat boots… I drew thick black lines around my eyes and powdered my face with white makeup… I owned and used liberally black lipstick…I frightened small children … I am giggling as I type this… I listened only to Depeche Mode, The Cure, OMD, Eurasure, Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd… and the sound track to Phantom of the Opera…I was taken out of the school that year… twice… by ambulance.

<Knocking on all the wood I can reach>

My Small is enrolled in Musical Theater, He is playing the Viola in the Orchestra, His favorite music is from the 50’s or The Beatles, Johnny Cash, The Eagles, CCR, Three Dog Night… Everything I had never even heard of until he began to really discover his flavor of life. He has more manners in his little finger than I do in my entire being… and yet I keep taking the accolades for having such a polite young man… when the truth is he has taught me more about manners than I ever have him.

The mothers curse is such a common joke on social media… maybe my mother didn’t speak to me enough to utter the words… but I am screaming mine from the roof tops!


Smallest child is entering 3rd grade… 3rd graders tend to be assholes…I do not remember 3rd grade at all… but I will hold out the speaking of the curse words until her Sophomore year… just to be fair…  because she is definitely JUST LIKE Mr. Amazing… I would assume his mother cursed him multiple times.


6 comments on “Mothers Curse? I think not.

  1. Allie

    I concur about 3rd graders…but I have a feeling it’ll get worse in high school, especially with daughters.

    1. Kerry

      LOL! I certainly hope not!

  2. Kat

    Just look at all the trouble you caused your Sophomore year and how wonderfully you turned out! Your guys is going to be juuuuust fine. 😉

    I failed drivers ed the first time I took it…the actual class, not just the drivers test. I had to retake the whole damn class. So that should help him feel a little better!

    1. Kerry

      Ha Ha! I am in no rush for him to drive, although I tend to think he is going to handle the whole thing better than I did.

  3. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    Oh my gosh, too funny! The Mother’s Curse indeed! Not sure what’s worse – being cursed that you have one just like you or one just like your siblings!

    1. Kerry

      Ohhhh yeah, I would totally rather have one like me than my siblings…. As awful as I was… I outgrew it.