Greetings October

mama katsList your top favorite things about Fall.

The crunch of leaves underfoot can be experienced just about everywhere.

Orange hues at sunset… on the leaves… the pumpkins… I love orange.

Caramel …. Caramel everything!



Sweaters and tights!


The sound of leaves crunching into the sidewalk as we walk.

The sound of my dog running through the leaves.

Pine cones!



Hot Coffee for me … Hot Chocolate for the smalls… hot tea for Mr. Amazing.

Driving through the canyon to see the walls of the canyon blazing in color.

Shorter Days!

The smell of the heater the first few times it fires up!

The first time you see your breath in the morning!

The Great Pumpkin – Charlie Brown!




8 comments on “Greetings October

  1. Astrid

    I love caramel and cinnamon too. Also love the feel of crunching leaves.

    1. Kerry

      Its the best!

  2. Allie

    I love autumn too! Especially the clothes:). Can’t wait to break out the scarves and boots.

    1. Kerry

      Sooooooo freaking comfy

  3. Lori

    Yes to all of that! I’m sooo feeling the Autumn!

    1. Kerry

      Hot apple cider! I forgot one!

  4. Kat

    Love this! Count me in!

    1. Kerry