… Magic Happened

mama kats Share a recent text exchange that made you laugh.

Mr. Amazing: Hello

Me: Hiya

Mr. Amazing: Did I directly or indirectly make you grumpy with me?

Me:Nope… Im not grumpy

Mr. Amazing: Okay, I love you

Me: I love you too

Mr. Amazing:  you seemed grumpy, but it could have been my imagination

Me: I am always grumpy when sleeping… I butchered the shit out of my bangs this morning… thought you should know

Mr. Amazing: OMG – ROFL

Me: bahahahaha I should have cut them last night

Mr. Amazing:  how bad are they?

Me: ummmm on a scale from 1 – 10? they are fucked up bahahaha I was on cold medicine, didnt have my contacts in, the mirror was foggy from the shower, I used house scissors… and magic happened

Mr. Amazing:  OMG

Me: #everythingisawesome
Mr. Amazing:
scenegirl_shortish uglybang
LOL I loooove you!

Me: ROTFLMAO! They arent that bad
I mean… they are bad… but I didnt call into work and run to the salon or anything be nice or I will try to straighten them up with these scissors at my desk…. which I have also done before

Mr. Amazing:




Mr: Amazing : Straighter than a catholic priest, wait… straighter than that LOL, they are fine I was picturing a butcher job half way up your forehead, I was scared for you.

8 comments on “… Magic Happened

  1. Lori

    Haha! Love the pictures to illustrate your points. I’m always in a hurry when I text and never add pictures. I feel your pain on the bangs. When I attempt to trim mine, it’s never pretty.

    1. Kerry

      It is because he is insane… that is all 🙂

  2. Ladygoogoogaga

    This is very cute-love the pics!!

    1. Kerry


    1. Kerry

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Kat

    Ha! I love that he even cared…my husband would not have entertained me with that kind of a response! They look good!

    1. Kerry

      Oh! He even straightened them up for me when we got home that evening LOL! He is adorable 🙂