A Year in Review….

mama kats

The prompt was compile a list of best posts and photos from the last year… So instead I compiled a list of posts about my favorite pictures! Check them out!

12 Reasons I Love My Life

January 2014 – From the Front Porch

February 2014 – Sometimes being me is pretty damn cool

March 2014 – I found the Tardis!

April 2014 – Holi Festival of Colors

May 2014 – and once again… Painted Angels

June 2014 – This Day

July 2014 – Wishing for a more relaxing time

August 2014 – I raised these...

September 2014 – Star Lord… Maybe you’ve heard of me

October 2014 – The Toy Room Collection

November 2014 – Short People Got No Reason!

December 2014 – His first date

4 comments on “A Year in Review….

  1. lisa, too!

    I love your pics! I especially loved the symbolism of the first date one. I expected to see a photo of the two on a date. This was even better. Wow. And the Tardis! Lol! Thank you for the journey. (BTW… I loved it so much, I read your “Smiffbib” entry. Hilarious and heartwarming. You. Are. Awesome. Visiting here from Mama Kat’s…

    1. Kerry

      awwwww Thanks for looking!!!!

    1. Kerry

      Thanks Kelley!!!