Light, Shade and the Ballerina.



lightandshade logo This is a prompt from the amazing Light and Shade Challenge… I was so moved by their prompt… The music (used as the prompt for my 100 word fictonal piece) can be found HERE


And so it begins… The house light went down and I was overcome with emotion. We held our breaths. Tchaikovsky started to swell from the orchestra pit and my heart began to swell with pride, as my eyes swelled with tears. It was the first moment our little girl became a real Ballerina. So, there I sat with a giant lump in my throat until I caught sight of her in a blur of tulle and glitter… Every Plié, Leap, Pirouette showed focus and enjoyment on her face. We met her back stage with roses and then I walked that graceful beauty out into the falling snow.


4 comments on “Light, Shade and the Ballerina.

  1. Thomas Marlowe

    Beautifully captured moment – thanks for linking up!

    1. Kerry

      Thank you for the prompt!

  2. Geri L. Bressler

    One of those wonderfully sadly sweet moments of parenting – well done!

    (Small note: I think you meant “held our breath,” rather than “help.” 🙂 )

    1. Kerry

      I did! Thank you! And thanks for reading 🙂