Happy Birthday Tall Child

When I was younger… a sophomore in highschool…
on the 30th of September…my first niece was born.

Write something that begins and ends with the words “When I was younger.”

Write something that begins and ends with the words “When I was younger.”

Today I call her daughter.

I dont have the patience to look through the history of my own blog and see if I have told her amazing story before… and that is okay… because even if I had told it… it would be different today… because we are different today… we are fucking old.

You came to be my daughter through unconventional methods… as all good daughters do.
You were 12 going on 13 and you will never forget the weekend you came to live with me… because it marked the date of your journey into womanhood… your first period! I am sure there could be a million other milestones that mark it… but Im going with this one… because… Ha!

It was only going to be a temporary stay… just someone to watch over her for a little bit… I remember clearly the day I knew it was going to be a permanent situation… and the brave call with the detective… and the search warrant issued on your previous residence…sure… there were court rooms… the therapy sessions… the tears…the sleeping on the foot of my bed.

but there was also birthday parties… all night talks…the lama festival… “cute toes” at the fair…The hamster escapes… the calling the drama teacher an asshole in front of the entire class!

Highschool was amazing… to look back on… not at the time… The Leprechaun, The Drag Queen, The making out in the hall way with the foreign exchange student…

I remember telling you how special you are… how much light you had inside of you… I see it still.

She has grown into the most stunning of peoples. (Plural… because the grandsons are literally falling out of her… her words not mine!)

You who I thought I was saving… saved me

She became the greatest influence on small childs life… She was his hero… his best friend…

She taught me to be brave… and honest… She embodies the very definition of hard work and determination.

Through everything life has tossed at us… we figured it out together… The gratitude I feel for having her enter my home is overwhelming sometimes… I truly cannot imagine my life without her.

It has not been easy… and I have not always been proud of how I have handled things… but there is not a single day when I am not proud to be mom…

Happy Happy Birthday Tall Child!!

The Fairest of them all...

The Fairest of them all…

I never ever looked this beautiful btw… even when I was Younger.

10 comments on “Happy Birthday Tall Child

  1. The Cookie Wife

    Loved this! You two were meant for each other! <3

    1. Kerry

      She’s pretty damn amazing 🙂

  2. Angie

    Even without knowing any more of the story I think you are both pretty fabulous! Sometimes it’s the scariest things that turn into the biggest blessings of all 😀

    1. Kerry

      No truer words have been spoken! She is my baby 🙂

  3. Kat

    She is beautiful! Happy birthday, from one tall girl to another. 🙂

    1. Kerry

      I love her 🙂

  4. Sami

    What an amazing story! I’m feeling a little choked up over hear reading it. Thank you for sharing it, and happy birthday to her!

    1. Kerry

      Thank you!

  5. Mimi

    Wow, sounds like quite the adventure the two of you have been on! Thankful she had someone like you to go to when things in her life went crazy (like it sounds).

    1. Kerry

      She’s pretty freaking awesome!