Dress for the position you want…. So I did!

 Tell us about the last time you dressed up.

When I quit my job over a year ago … I threw out anything and everything that I had forced myself to wear and be to fit into the mold I had gotten myself trapped in… and then Magic happened… Yes I am 43…. Yes I wear this tomfoolery to the new office… Its kinda magic.

Soooo I have a bit of a love affair with my clothes – Meet my Totoro collection

This fancy ensemble was my second Alice In Wonderland dress…. and man did I ever rock it!

May the 4th with my HUGE Small.

Oh! a Tardis Dress? Yes please! annnnnd if you look close at the weird position of my feet for picture taking reasons…. those are R2D2 socks

My first and FAVORITE Alice in Wonderland Dress – This one I need to have taken in… Im not willing to let it go… even though it is too big now

My Homemade Freddy Krueger outfit… I was going to meet him! It was a special occasion! Look at his MOOBS!

See! This happened!


A little Jack Skellington at the Symphony… As you can see I was not the only one dressed up

This was my actual Halloween costume for the office… I dressed up normal. It made everyone uncomfortable actually.

I leave you to be inspired by these Ariel shoes… because like the shirt says… Mermaids have more fun!


9 comments on “Dress for the position you want…. So I did!

  1. Angela Death

    I fell in love at the TARDIS dress! You are super cute and I am completely envious of your clothing collection!

    1. Kerry

      Right? The dress is awesome! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. John Holton

    You’ve seen that meme that says “They always say to dress for the job you want. Now I’m sitting in Personnel in a Batman suit.” Looks like you’ve actually done it. Congratulaions!

    1. Kerry

      Thanks! You, kind sir, are a scholar and a gentleman! ❤

  3. Mimi

    How fun! I love how creative you dress! I’d never figure out how to put such cute outfits together! I did the workshop on workouts. Not as fun as your new work clothes. 😉

    1. Kerry

      Thanks!!! I should be working out instead.

    2. Kerry

      I have zero fashion sense… I just shop younger than my age LOL thank god the 80s are back!

  4. Kat

    I love ANYONE who brings tomfoolery to the office! These are great!

    1. Kerry

      Right? I looove it!