Winter Montage

  A photo journal entry…show us what winter looks like in your town.

So little known fact… when your small avoids senior pictures… and you wait until the last minute to take them… you take them in the snow!

That same small with his childhood friend… they go to rival schools… and are fake fighting in front of the third rival school…

Because graduation announcements should be fun… and the fact that he is growing up makes me wanna punch him in the face!

They are pretending to steal this car… which if I werent photographing… they probably would

This funny tilted sidewalk picture was probably my favorite….

They were freezing!!

Stay Warm Folks!!! We have more winter ahead!

9 comments on “Winter Montage

  1. Jennifer

    I have 6 boys (Well most are older teens and men now) and these photos remind me of them and their idea humor in photos. Your pictures bring a good amount of fun to these long dreary winter days. Stay warm.

    1. Kerry

      6?? You’re a saint!!

  2. John Holton

    That’s a good senior picture. I look like Danny O’Day in mine.

    1. Kerry

      It was a lot of fun… he didn’t want the usual stuff.

  3. Jennifer Worrell

    Great ideas for senior pics! They look like fun, happy kids!

  4. Gem

    Argh! My joints are aching just looking at all that cold! I’m in New Zealand and it is super hot at present. Currently one of those too hot to move days. You look like a cool family! 🙂

    1. Kerry

      from your joints to mine! Its painful… but im in the best company!

  5. Kat

    So funny, it looks like winter really brings out the best in you folks.

    1. Kerry

      Ha Ha! we can have fun anywhere