Have you ever asked your child not to talk back… ever answered the petulant “don’t care” with… then you wont care if I throw this toy away… how many times have you said “don’t you tell me no!” …. Usually it is the parent that has to come up with creative ways to make these conversations take a constructive turn and try to instill respect for others balanced with enough self respect to speak your mind and value your own feelings. Not me, Not with my son… after several of these run ins…at the expected ages of somewhere in between 2 and 3ish … one day I softly tell my son… again… that while it is okay to feel anger, it is not okay to express it in such a way that would send a buzz light year action figure sailing through the air at his teen aged hormone enraged sister, who is really too old to be drawn into this pissing match by a toddler… but that is another entry…. His entire face turned red in frustration… his lower lip was shaking knowing he was in control of this ending in a simple time out… or turning into a full fledged meltdown whilst said sister watched with a satisfied smirk… and in that moment I watched that tiny lil cherub face skewed into a demonic expression as he has  this battle of wills… I wondered if he was literally biting his tongue to keep from speaking… I had always wondered if that was just an expression… when he whispered the word “smiffbib”… Read the rest of the story if you are still awake… Its says Fuck.. Totally worth it.

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