Having your cake and eating it too…

mama kats A blog post inspired by the word: sweet

Okay… I will be honest… I read through the prompts this week and just couldn’t come up with a single thing… So I went to my fall back and depended on others to make the magic happen, and by magic I mean cake!

me:  I want cake

Mr. Amazing:  LOL that was random

 me:  Random yes… but true still …in fact, even more than cake… I want pie

Mr. Amazing:   Lemon Rasperry cake 4

 me:  okay… fuck pie… I want that cake

Mr. Amazing:   ROFL

 me:  these things are important dear!

Mr. Amazing:   should I stop by the bakery on the way home? ROFL

 me:  I dont think the bakery will have that cake…And now that I have seen it… nothing else will do…I should show it to The Cookie wife LMAO!

 Mr. Amazing:  ROFLMAO it is butter-cream with lemon curd and fresh raspberries

 me:  Cookie Wife… we need to have a serious talk…

I know cookies is your thing… I get that…

I married into the idea…. but… I NEED this cake

Lemon Rasperry cake 4

CookieWife:  LOL!! It looks tasty!!

 me:  I NEED it, from the very pit of my soul!

it is butter-cream with lemon curd

and fresh raspberries

Mr. Amazing:  ROFLMAO

 me:  Why is everyone laughing! This is serious! clear to the pit of my soul I NEED that cake …. BAHAHAHA

Mr. Amazing:  Why are you laughing then?

 me:  because I am deranged…. I part of my soul is missing… I think its that cake!

CookieWife:  Where’s the recipe???


 CookieWife:  It has GRAM and CELSIUS measurements!!!!

Where did you find it??

 me:  LOL! I just saw the pic and hunted it down ROTFL!

 CookieWife:  If you convert all the measurements, I’ll bake it! ;)

me:  SHADDUP! I will get Mr Amazing in on this… 

 me: It has GRAM and CELSIUS measurements!!!!

If you convert all the measurements, She’ll bake it! ;)


Mr. Amazing:  ROFLMAO temperature is Celsius and weight is grams

 me:  Quick! Find me another cake…

2014-05-21 14.37.51
These magical little goodies showed up at my office today… they are Lemon Curd and Fresh Raspberries on Shortcake? I think… They were divine! I have the coolest life ever. That is all

Happy Birthday Mr. Amazing!!!

Friday (October 11th) is my best friends thirty-eighth birthday. 

Mr. Amazing

We’ve been through a lot together… you and I…  the expression “married the minute we met” fits us so perfectly…because of our smalls and our devotion to them… because we thought of them first.

Sometimes I worry you think I married you for the children… but it is very important to me you know that You are my rock… my best friend… my lover… my hero… the love of my life.

Below are thirty-eight of the infinite number of reasons why.

I love you because:

  1. You make me feel safe;
  2. You listen to your heart;
  3. You drink tea, and you love opera and rock;
  4. You stood by me when I needed it most;
  5. You put your arm around me in public;
  6. You smell wonderful;
  7. I know that if the boogeyman ever shows up and tries to come for me… you will tear him into millions of tiny pieces and scatter them to the four corners of the earth;
  8. You love my son;
  9. You’re willing to reflect and learn and grow;
  10. I can still make you blush;
  11. You’re different;
  12. You are the one who comforts me in the middle of the night;
  13. You humor me;
  14. I can’t resist your hair;
  15. You kiss me goodbye everyday;
  16. You crack me up harder than anyone else for reasons that would make no sense to anyone else;
  17. Stories about helpless people or animals overcoming great odds move you to tears;
  18. You created a space just for me… My paint room;
  19. You are genuinely interested in me;
  20. You smile with your whole face and light up a room;
  21. You will sit and listen to Smallest Child talk for hours;
  22. You are the most intelligent individual I have ever had the pleasure of knowing;
  23. You show compassion toward those in need;
  24. You’ve supported me through a period of growth even when you weren’t sure of the outcome;
  25. You hold me tight when I cry;
  26.  You told me I’m beautiful;
  27. You let me thaw my frozen feet on the backs of your legs;
  28. You pretend right along with me that I’m perpetually only 29 years old;
  29. The sound of my snoring is actually comforting to you;
  30. Little kids are drawn to you like it’s the most natural thing in the world – you have “The Baby Fu”;
  31. You always encourage me to try new things;
  32. You think I’m smart enough to be a challenge to you;
  33. You know when to play it safe and can be prodded into taking a risk;
  34. My friends feel safe with you;
  35. The lines in your face and the way you shove your fingers in your hair are so, so sexy;
  36. You worry about people I care about;
  37. You love your siblings fiercely;
  38. You love me back;

Happy Birthday Mr. Amazing … I would have posted this on your actual birthday… but we are going to be on a plane!

What are you going to do next?? We’re going to Disneyland!!!!


The Cookie Wife…

mama kats Share a Fall recipe that you’re loving this season.
Soooo I don’t really cook… or bake… But I do love me some fall recipes… So let me let you in on a little secret I have… It’s kind of a magical thing…. I live in Utah… Where not only do plural marriages have a reputation of being practiced… but some of the best baking happens! So I did the only logical thing I could do …. I took a cookie wife! You heard me right!


me:  <Yawn/stretch/puts an arm over her shoulder move/Drops Recipe in lap>

Cookie Wife:  Aren’t you hilarious???

me:  Smoooooth… I believe the word you were looking for is smooth

Cookie Wife:  Or subtle…

me:  Bahahaha!

Cookie Wife:  Guess what is the best thing ever??

me: ??

Cookie Wife:  Maple blueberry sausage!!! I’ll bet I could make it just as yummy with ground turkey!

me: MMMMMMMMMMMMMM I wanna eat it all!

Cookie Wife:  I made blueberry pancakes, maple blueberry sausage, crock pot hash brown scrambled eggs & juice & milk.

me:  … Small Child ate at school … I ate a leftover taco time bean burrito.




… in my neck of the woods.

Spring  Sming … I’m not convinced it exists… it has been cold… and snowing still off and on … With just a dash of sunshiney days to keep us from going all “The Shining” on each other… so before I wrote a post complaining and moaning the woes of the winter that just won’t end… I jumped on my local news page to check the weather… because I am a good blogger… who takes her prompts seriously and never gets distracted off the topic… WTF is this???


Soooooo here is the discussion that spawned…

Tolman:  I’m such a grammar/spelling snob…. *Loses *losing

 me:  BAHAHA! Yes! That is sad honestly … They are supposed to be professionals

Tolman:  Good on that woman though! I should take up pole dancing!!!

me:  Uhhh Somehow… I just know that’s how I would die…. Death by Pole Dancing to lose weight… you know it is true… I would fall on my head

Tolman: HAhahaahahaa!! Oh come on!!

me:  You know its true… Broken Neck… From pole dancing

Tolman: It would make for a VERY interesting obituary!!!! Probably go viral!!!

me:  Great! I will finally be discovered when I am dead

In conclusion… This is what Spring looks like in my neck of the woods…. and I am finally going to be discovered!!!

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mama kats


… Ever been so out of touch that you don’t even know this about yourself?

Yeah… That happened, I thought I would take the cheat prompt this week… Not have to put a lot of thought into it… have been soooooooooo busy that I haven’t had time to really sit and write… sad… because this blog is the one thing that is truly me… that I do for myself and I honestly love it… so I grabbed the questions… and sat down to answer them…. and I didn’t know the answers… Have I even listened to a full album this year? I have not, I have not slowed down or connected to much of 2012… So this took a lot longer to write than I anticipated… because I have to do some of the things on the list… to actually get to know myself again… so I can share it with you

mama kats

  1. Favorite 2012 Movie: We are Movie Fanatics! We see a lot of them! I know it got a lot of criticism … but hands down… Les Mis
  2. Favorite Album: This morning I slowed down enough to listen to the Les Mis soundtrack … I loved it!
  3. Favorite Song:  Viva La Vida – Coldplay … Somethings just dont change :) But I do post a theme song each week – if you want something a little different
  4. Favorite Tweeter: Nik & Erika’s Mom (She is my best friend – And is mostly who responds to my drunk new years eve tweets) 
  5. Favorite Blog: The Bloggess
  6. Favorite TV Show: Sunday Morning News!! Everything about it!! Lately Charles Osgood has been closing out the show playing the piano and singing…. he reminds me so much of my Grandfather (his voice, My grandpa loves to sing barbershop)
  7. Favorite Instagramer: AlJazeera Witness (Stunning)
  8. Favorite Moment: Putting on the red dress :)
  9. Favorite Conference: I did not attend any this year (Insert sad face here) I would LOVE to go to a few in 2013. NMX, SXSW, BBC.
  10. Favorite Viral Video: Okay – I don’t think this went too viral… But I laughed to tears… bahahaha… only because well… me and small child sing like this to the song…. and Mr. Amazing hates it.

Humble and Grateful

We’re going around the table and it’s your turn to share what you are thankful for…go!

  • the fact that I’ve been given some bit of awareness… of spiritual awakeness
  • my humor … twisted and sick as it is.
  • my friends … Everyone says this… but in all honesty… My friends are magic… They are like the cast to a B sci-fi movie… and I truly love them with all of my heart
  • my family … All of them, The smalls, and the distant
  • my husband … Mr. Amazing
  • whatever talent I have as a writer that perhaps lets me help a few people
  • the opportunity to experience life from this vantage … it is unique
  • the insane overabundant beauty of nature … especially the rain and the moon.
  • a roof over my head and food on my table
  • an inquisitive mind that is easily amused and delighted
  • my surrogate family… with whom I spend many holidays … including this upcoming Thanksgiving
  • my love of music of almost all types… (except Country music  which makes me want to stab my eyes with a fork) …which entertains me … and often… brings me happiness.
  • you … whomever you are… however you got here… today as I type this… I am so grateful for you.

Your Turn … What are you thankful for? … Pass the wine!

Pause for a Love story

Friday Flashback!!! ( I say that like it a theme… or a real thing… it’s not) I just found an old post I had written about the night Mr. Amazing proposed to me…

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
In the middle of Suicide awareness week… approaching all the 9/11 memorial images flashing across the web… 1 week before my 38th birthday… I would like to pause… and tell a love story…

Sunday night… 8 pm, I finally … Stop focusing on the self loathing… and the injustices…. resentments… insecurities… fears… I finally agree to a night out… Just the two of us… There is a Super Nova! We will never see anything like this again… We pack an ill-gotten telescope (Ill gotten because I was ill over what was spent on it) and swing through Walgreen’s for canned coffee (this was before I discovered the magic beans … Addicted to Coffee ), and gummy coke bottles (find some, trust me)… and we set off driving through the desert… These moments are so rare… Rare just the two of us… and we talk, about ridiculous things… we cringe a little over insecurities… Walk through every horrible past relationship we have had and make comparisons to the relationship we have now.. we discuss our isms….

 Then, on some god forsaken road… in some crazy little town… we stop… We get out… Careful not to shut the doors, you know… incase the boogie man comes… and we laugh… and we giggle… and we ooohhh and ahhhh at the night sky… He fumbles with the telescope… trying in the dark to make it work… We take turns down on the pavement, trying to see anything in the great black vastness of space… We line it up with the google stars app… but to no avail… we hide in the car as another vehicle passes… prepared to run… leaving the telescope … if they are the dreaded mass murders that always find stupid young kids in the middle of no where… I sit in the back of the hatch back… he sits on the ground… cursing the telescope… and I am laughing hysterically as the clouds set in… making the stars invisible to the naked eye… even the moon… and he is so frustrated…

… and I tell him he really is the best thing that has ever happened to me… and he stops… crawls across the pavement on hands and knees… and kisses me.. and tells me he is so glad I think so… and asks me to marry him… Ring in hand… I think I said the word yes… I believe if not, my kisses confirmed that I wanted too… I so want too… I slip the ring on my finger… I cannot see it in the dark… I am ridiculously crazy in love with him… we have a lot to get through… telling the kids… telling the exes (oh god.. the crazy other parents of our children)… Figuring out logistics… convincing me, that 38 isn’t too old… and the world isn’t too horrible… and I deserve to be happy and healthy … and  Forgetting everything else… I will leave this one as the love story :)