Who’s got two thumbs and bought FanX/ComicCon tickets! This Girl!





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2014-04-18 13.34.37


I wanted to do something fun for small child… all of his friends were going… so when he asked… ofcourse I told him they were sold out…

I then showed up at his school with a sonic screwdriver made a quick stop at a thrift store…He dressed as Dr. Who and the greatest day ever proceeded to happen

2014-04-18 17.17.43

At one point I was concerned that we were just walking around.. not really accomplishing anything… I asked him if he wanted to attend any panels… because I didnt want him to feel like he was just walking around… he looked at me and exclaimed “THIS IS AWESOME!” So we continued to walk around and see everything.

2014-04-18 17.16.48 2014-04-18 16.07.06 2014-04-18 15.43.10

Besides… Only at FanX – Comic con can this Easter Picture be created… and be honest… it is the greatest one you have ever seen!


Fat Tuesday on Funday Friday :)

Technically this is just a bunch of Gibberish… but it makes me laugh… really there are even two morals to this story…. Bread and Butter Pickles are Nasty…. and Mr Amazing swears a lot when lacking sleep.

Mr. Amazing:  today is dragging so bad that the day itself is literally sad

me:  Its so sad its comfort eating… that is why its Fat Tuesday

Mr. Amazing:  Fat Tuesday is literally a giant horrible sad monster baby crying for it’s mama

me:  and its mama is a doughnut!

Mr. Amazing: literally

me:  I want one

Mr. Amazing:  I literally went out on a limb with that one

me:  Bahahaha

Mr. Amazing: irregardless of the mama doughnut

me:  We should get doughnuts

Mr. Amazing: LOL I am figuratively a horrible person

me:  You are full of all the words

Mr. Amazing:  irregardless literally bothers me to death

me:  Your words make me wanna throat punch you

Mr. Amazing:  so does “aint’ got none”

me:  OH OH! how about “Aint nobody gots time fo dat!”

Mr. Amazing: one doughnut and a side of pithy sarcasm

me:  instead- I am feeding you a hot dog for dinner… and your gonna like it

Mr. Amazing:  use gonna like it

me:  With chips on the side- I am literally not cooking shit

Mr. Amazing:good, because I really, really, really want to avoid you literally cooking shit


Mr. Amazing:  in fact, compared to literal shit, hot dogs seem pretty okay

me:  Thats why I present it that, we helps with expectations

Mr. Amazing: Yes, thanks for lower my expectations to a reasonable (if not menial) level

me:  I have hotdog buns… its a gourmet meal

Mr. Amazing: Oh yeah!

me:  I dont even wanna eat the hot dogs

Mr. Amazing: ROFLMAO Hows about with pickles and sauerkraut

me:  Maybe with Sauerkraut but… even then im not so sure… maybe smothered in Nacho Cheese

Mr. Amazing: ROFLMAO that sounds nasty

me:  I like cheese (Stating the obvious is my super power)

Mr. Amazing: General Obvious?

me:  Ahem… Captain….Obviously

Mr. Amazing:  Fine… Captain Obvious I got paid!

me:  OH! (We still have to eat the hotdogs, or the buns will go stale)

Mr. Amazing:  Okay But we can have dessert…. <evil laughter>

me:  LOL! Actually- If you send me money… I might really go buy Saurkraut

Mr. Amazing:  OMG – Day… Fucking END

me:  14 minutes

Mr. Amazing: Seriously, I am about to BITCH slap FAT Tuesday

me:  ROTFLMAO!!! I CANNOT believe you just said that

Mr. Amazing:  I am laughing at my desk like an idiot

me:  Ditto

Mr. Amazing: Kerry… I can’t stop

me:  Do you want chili for your hot dogs? You need sleep

Mr. Amazing:  I want mustard

me:  we have mustard

Mr. Amazing: and pickles

me:  Uhhhh Im not sure where we are the pickle front

Mr. Amazing: cuz I think the we have the… “It’s a TRAP!!!”

pickles in the fridge the bread and butter tastes like shit evil pickles of doom

Fuck you Bread n’ Butter pickles… Fuck you….

 me:  ROTFLMAO! Gimme your monies! I will buy you pickles… and destroy the enemy ones

Giant Gummy Say What??


Mr Amazing:



Mr Amazing: This just doesn’t look right – looks like you could buy it at one of those “slumber parties”




Me: UMM OMG OMG!!! You bought me that giant gummy coke right? RIGHT?

Mr Amazing: Nope, did you read my comment on the gummy worm?

Me: I read it… But I got sidetracked by the thought of that coke bottle!

Mr Amazing:



Me: Would you focus! GIANT GUMMY COKE BOTTLE!

((Gross on the giant gummy worm btw.))

… He wears the pants… literally

Mr. Amazing:  I know who wears the pants in this house

me:  It is you!

Mr. Amazing: me?

me:  Unless it comes to activity planning

Mr. Amazing: or dinner

me:  You wear the pants

Mr. Amazing:  or cleaning


 me:  Well… you bring home the bacon?

Mr. Amazing:  wait, what am I in charge of?

me:  I fry it up in a pan? and never ever let you forget your a man… Like that… Feminists everywhere are combusting spontaneously and they dont know why

Mr. Amazing:  never ever let me forget I’m a man? really? you just typed that?

 me:  Its a song!

Mr. Amazing:  how do you remind me that I’m a man, exactly?

me:  The song said it!

Mr. Amazing:  hold up

me:  No no no… you hold up!

Mr. Amazing:  so you are quoting lyrics from a song

me:  You made me type that… I blame you

Mr. Amazing:  but not with intentions of meaning what you are typing.

 me:  that whole pants in the family bull shit

Mr. Amazing: lol you are just upset because everyone thinks you run this house

me:  I am actually! Because I don’t! You all do, and I just help you do it right ROTFLMAO!

Mr. Amazing: I could disappear for a year and people would barely notice I was gone

me:  Liar! You know that isnt true

Mr. Amazing: the dishes would be done, the house would be spotless

you could have a robot leave paper towels in random locations

and leave clothes in the bathrooms

and watch TV

 me:  I totally would never buy that robot, Just sayin

Mr. Amazing:  they may notice the lack of paper and mess

me:  This is all on you… You are as big of a contributor as you choose to be

Mr. Amazing: from now on, only I wear that pants

(Click on image for a better look)



Kicking in the general direction :)


Mr. Amazing: … so get this… I walk over to a Co-Workers’ desk this morning and lean against the wall and start talking to him, I realize he looks distracted, won’t look me in the face… etc… weird… so as I am walking away, I realize that my zipper is all the way down, like scary low… and I am like … OMG! run to the bathroom and then come back to tell you… yeah… okay, and you realize that this is the guy that I told earlier in the year, that BFGoodrich invented the zipper  yeah…


Mr. Amazing:  he invented the zipper Kerry

me:  I totally blogged that! (TRUST ME People… you want to read that)

Mr. Amazing:  good thing

me:  People loved it

Mr. Amazing:  yeah, I used to make you laugh all the time with my crazy antics, now that you know me better

it just causes shame

 me:  No shame!

Mr. Amazing:  Are you with him?

you look down

you are like… no

I mean maybe

I mean no

 me:  LMAO! never

Mr. Amazing:  who?

that guy with the scraggly beard and stains on him

Is that your husband?


are you sure….


 me:  Whatever, I think you are adorable.

Mr. Amazing:  Yeah, that’s your husband

oh… <fake laugh>

yeah… that’s him

<fake laugh>

looking down


 me:  Quit it… you know that isn’t true

Mr. Amazing:  ROFL isn’t it? you are at the movie theater


Mr. Amazing:  and there is this guy talking through the movie with stains all over himself and you are thinking, wow… he is amazing

me:  Yes, yes I do

Mr. Amazing:  ROFLMAO uh huh

 me:  Have you met me?

Mr. Amazing:  nope, never met you, how do you do

me:  Have I ever acted in public like I think you are anything less than wonderful?

Mr. Amazing:  my name is Dorkface… yes you have “acted” like I am wonderful, for which I am eternally thankful ROFL

 me:  LOL! The only time I acted weird with you out in public, is the one time we ran into a girl from work while we were dating… and she was all “I’ve heard so much about you” and I was all OMG! She is going to tell him how I tell all the girls at work how amazing he is in the sack! and I kicked her

Mr. Amazing:  you kicked her??!!! seriously??

me:  You don’t remember?

Mr. Amazing:  OMG, that was weird

me:  ROTFL!

Mr. Amazing:   no, I don’t remember you kicking her, I remember her being awkward and running away

me:  I kicked in her general direction

Mr. Amazing:  now I know why

 me:  LMAO!


Papa Smurf getting down and dirty….Don’t ever say I didn’t get you wet …. And something is fishy … really!

This is not a real post… this is a Funday Friday post… Please tune in next week for your regularly scheduled nonsense

The New Pope and North Korea held most of the headlines this week… and I thought I we could all use something a little different… These are real stories people… (Linked to sources)


A participant dressed as Papa Smurf scrambles through mud in the fourth extreme BraveheartBattle run in Muennerstadt, Germany, on March 9. The 15-mile track is known as one of the toughest, most extreme obstacle courses in the world.

Personally .. I always thought Smurfette had loose morals

In other news… This happened…


This koala was sleeping in a tree when it was rudely awakened by a gardener who decided to water his trees. Matt Wilkinson said: There was a heatwave in Adelaide recently and temperatures reached up to 40C. We use the sprinklers and garden hose to wet the house and surrounding trees when it’s hot to avoid a bush fire but when I watered one of the trees, this koala got a bit of a soaking. It was a boiling hot day so i’m sure it helped the koala cool down.

That Koala is clearly not pleased … Neeeyaaahhh!

I’m thinking these fish are having a way worse day than the Koala…


More than 2500kg of fresh water fish were scattered on a section of road in southern China’s Hunan Province following an accident. The driver of the truck transporting the fish lost control of his vehicle when one of his tires blew. He crashed into the safety barrier at the side of the road, which caused the hinged side of his truck to spring open and spill his entire load of fish.

Gramma always said… don’t cry over spilled milk… but this?

How to make major decisions as a couple… Really.

Mr Amazing:  This looks cool 


Mr Amazing:   It has a super nes emulator  & tons of games to download for free

me:  Okay okay… Why would Nintendo let that happen?

Mr Amazing:  :  who is buying NES64 games? Plus minecraft is available

me:  I want it! buy me it!

Mr Amazing:  :  lol

me:  Not funny anymore!

Mr Amazing:    I no longer want it

me:  LOL!  I WANT IT!

Mr Amazing:    smiffbib

me:  Bratface!

Mr Amazing:   it has a SNES and NES64 emulator

me:  I want it all Every Effing Mario Game since the dawn of time!

Mr Amazing: Plus you download ANY game & try it for free even the $50 games

me:  Want want want NEED

Mr Amazing: Oh Kerry

… Donkey Kong 64

… Paper Mario (the original)

… Mario Party

… Diddy Kong Racing

me:  PAPER MARIO I JUST DIED AT MY DESK… Coffee saved me

Mr Amazing:  Super Mario 64

me:  Buy Buy Buy

Mr Amazing:  It is being released June 2013

me:  We could give it to the smalls for their birthday!

Mr Amazing:  lol here kids

me:  and then steal their birthday present and play it

Mr Amazing:  now get the FUCK out of my way


Mr Amazing:  seems disingenuous somehow

me:  It wants me to buy it

Mr Amazing:  I want to spend $1200 on a security appliance for home

me:  A security appliance?

Mr Amazing:  Yes, with IDS, content filtering, and anti-virus and anti-phishing built in

me:  doesn’t sound like a lot of fun

Mr Amazing: It would make it so we could control where are kids go online and verify they never download crap they aren’t supposed to

me:  <yawn>

Mr Amazing:  


me:  paper Mario

Mr Amazing:  and it would make our wireless signal awesome

me:  paper Mario… paper Mario… PAPER MARIO YAY