Pi … The life of …The Zebra!

We (Mr. Amazing, Small Child and I) made our way into the theater loaded up with “Dinner” (Popcorn, nachos, candy, and a Turkey Sandwich!) Excited for the movie, 3D glasses are passed around, and we settle into our seats … This is not the normal movie for we three… We are Marvel fans… Super Heroes… The Hobbit… Hunger Games… But this caught our attention… the promise of stunning visuals and a spiritual experience… So we were a little confused as it opened and we laughed at some of the childhood stories… and we drooled over the amazing cuisine they kept showing… and then we tensed up as the directors of the film expect you too as the boat scenes start… The boat sinks… Pi is the only human on the life boat with the animals… The Zebra cries out as his flank is attacked by a Hyena…

Small Child completely loses composure and dissolves into gut wrenching sobs…

Mr. Amazing suggests it might be to scary for him… and I look at him and realize… Small Child isn’t scared… He LOVES the Zebra… He stands to leave the theater as the Orangutan fights for its life… and loses as well…. Completely inconsolable…

In the hall we get him calmed down… and I am so touched by his empathy… so moved by his love of animals… that I send Mr. Amazing back into the “Life of Pi” and I take small child to an attendant, and get permission to theater hop until the movie is over… We watched again the ending of Rise of the Guardians … Which oddly I didn’t review – But Highly Recommend to all ages. We then caught the last 45 minutes of the latest and final Twilight installment… Which again I had seen… didn’t review… also recommend. We giggled… and hugged… Mother and Son… My beautiful amazing son… who can watch NCIS… BONES… and any other kind of action film… and still maintain such an innocence… and be so sensitive … I was so proud of him.

Mr. Amazing finished the Life of Pi… he came out of the theater shedding emotional tears… He was so deeply moved by the movie and couldn’t say enough about the beauty of the film… and the colors… He loved it… he thinks everyone should see it… Everyone but my amazing son.

I’ve never reviewed a movie I didn’t actually watch… So I guess this is more of a story than a review.

Maybe this is more of a prayer than a story… I pray nothing ever happens to small child… that would make that scene in that movie okay for him to see…  I hope he always LOVES the zebra!


Hotel Transylvania = ZING!

The Smalls LOVED it… I wouldn’t take anyone under school aged (As school really seems to refine their taste in bathroom humor and you will be rewarded with loud shrieks of laughter and joy each time a monster farts… which happens a lot)

With the voices of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Fran Drescher,  and David Spade. (Many more, but these were the ones I recognized) it tells a story of Dracula, the owner of Hotel Transylvania, where the world’s monsters can take a rest from human civilization. Dracula invites some of the most famous monsters, including Frankenstein’s monster, Mummy, a Werewolf family, and the Invisible Man, to celebrate the 118th birthday of his daughter Mavis. When the hotel is unexpectedly visited by an ordinary young traveler named Jonathan (This got an extra woot! from my kids), Dracula must protect Mavis from falling in love with him before it is too late….

But of course they Zing (There is an entire rap about it for those of you who don’t know what Zinging is!)

There are some pretty adult lines that had Mr. Amazing and I catching each others eye over the heads of the smalls sitting between us and raising our eyebrows in shock… But nothing the kids were aware of.. It was adorable! A definite family must see for Halloween!!!

… Paranorman?? Yes Please!!!

From the makers of Coraline…  And the most amazing animation ever….We Loved it!!! We waited until the adorable 6 year old smallest child was at her other mothers… because I will warn you… Not all cartoons are safe for little ones…. but we took small child … At the not so small age of 13… and he laughed hysterically through the whole thing… as did Mr. Amazing and I… IT WAS AWESOME! everything about it… its depiction of middle class white america… to the effects… to the character development…I cant even tell you how much I loved this…  I love its message on bullying … I loved its message on family… I loved its message on friendship…. I fucking loved the zombies… Did anyone else see it? thoughts?

… Polka Dot Polka Dot Polka Dot

Took smallest child and Mr. Amazing to see Madagascar 3 for Fathers Day… Adorable… Dont be put off by the fact that it is the third one… We all know the reputation they get… Just trust the Marketing Genius that put that together… Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman are still fighting to get home to their beloved Big Apple. Their journey takes them through Europe where they find the perfect cover: a traveling circus, which they reinvent – Madagascar style…. It has that little bundle of pink cuteness giggling… Mr amazing giggling… and me dancing…. Da da da da da da da da circus… da da da da dada da da afro… circus afro… circus.. afro….

… Snow White and the Huntsman… WTF????

Ummm I usually try to tell you why I like or didn’t like a movie without actually saying anything that could be considered a spoiler… However… This movie was horrible… No character development… lame ass CG animals… Shady dwarves… (The queen was great!) … people were dying all over the place… and they hadn’t taken the time to attach you to any of them… it was bad… Netflix will have it shortly… wait for it if you us see it… or skip it all together… Kristen looked like what I have always envisioned a real snow-white like… stunningly beautiful… and then when she opened her mouth…  or reacted to a situation… it ruined it… and it was very much just like watching bella bleed out on the table again… lame sauce…. There I said it. Hi Ho! its off to work I go 🙂

… Prometheus… Two arms up!!

When Mr. Amazing and I were dating I told him I looovveeedd scary movies, and we went through a time when he tried to show me scary movies… all of which I hated…(Pandorum being the movie I hated most of all)  … I in turn showed him anything and everything by Wes Craven… Stephen King…. etc… and he just rolled his eyes and we agreed that we liked scary movies for different reasons… I dont like being scared… I like the warped sense of humor that comes in those movies… Seriously… Freddie Krueger… being my all time favorite.

Mr. Amazing would regale me with tales of hiding from his parents behind the couch to watch “Alien” and being absolutely terrified … I of course having an older brother had seen it… but it had been so many years I couldn’t remember anything but the alien coming out of Sigourney Weavers faux uterus… so we watched it.. and mr. amazing prepared to laugh as I shrieked and screamed…  I laughed through the whole movie… to the point of tears when the creepy robot man melted… Much to the dismay of Mr. Amazing… WOW thats a hell of a lead into Prometheus… but I must say it was required because there was a lot of pressure on this movie date this weekend…. He so wanted it to be everything alien wasn’t… he didn’t want me to laugh…. oh my hell… I laughed… and laughed… the entire audience was laughing… and we kept rolling our eyes … and saying “ridiculous”… but were still completely enraptured with the scenery… and the gruesomeness… and then we jumped in our seats a little… and had some nostalgic feel good moments….  questioned the existence of God… and laughed again as some people died… because well… you will just have to see it for yourself… and that is the whole point of this really… see it for yourself… because at the end of all of the “oh my gods” and “oh puhleezes”… I realized that it was probably one of the most entertaining two hours all weekend… and I loved it… and Just like I dont like Freddy for scary… I dont like prometheus for a good alien flick (there isn’t a good alien sci fi flick as far as Im concerned… other than Star Trek) But that it was awesome.. and warped.. and a lot of fun! (btw. The opening 10 minutes of the film in Imax 3d were AMAZING!, absolutely breathtaking)

Dark Shadows… MmmmmHmmmm

This weekend Mr. Amazing and I saw Dark Shadows on an Imax screen… I will say I was shocked to see some families with youngsters in there (one couple brought a toddler… seriously people) … Shocked, because the previews had made it pretty clear there was a lot of sexual innuendos… (Sign me up for some sexual innuendos Depp style please!) … I went in with high expectations… and I was not disappointed… Tim Burton magic occurred… I would see it again! I would not let my almost 13 year old see it, despite its PG13 rating however… so be warned… It was clever… original… funny… and creepy all wrapped into one.. and the witch was a litch (Apparently you have to be a D&D fan to get this reference) .. and one of the better characters ever created! Loved it! Plus… well… Johnny Depp….

6 times “Smiffbib” is the only appropriate response

1. I eat tacos with a fork.

2. Two of my best friends are under five feet tall and I have an intense fear of midgets.

3. I don’t believe in democracy.

  4. I cried when Spock died in Star Trek II.





5. I like to tape my thumbs to my hands to see what it would be like to be a dinosaur.

6. If you asked me to tell you my favorite movie, I would have a hard time not saying Titanic.

Mirror Mirror … Yes Please!

Mr Amazing and I went in expecting a darker version of Snow White… I was genuinely surprised and amazed at the animation sections, I had never seen animation like this… It was stunning…. Even more stunning though was the actress who played Snow White! “Snow White is a princess in exile, and the evil Queen rules her captured kingdom. Seven courageous rebel dwarfs join forces with Snow White as she fights to reclaim her birthright and win her Prince.” It was like a cross between Bollywood meets Ella Enchanted… and I was beyond enchanted… I laughed… I laughed outright several times… The Dwarves are the most wonderful characters ever! I loved the entire thing… It was super cheesy.. but they had fun with that… and made light of it… I would love to see this again… Dont listen to anyone but me! See it! and stay for the Indian Inspired dance scene at the end… ADORABLE!!!

The Host Teaser Trailer!!

blink blink… double take… is that… OMG!! Look what is featured on Yahoo today!

Here is the post I wrote about the book eons ago… and Why it is better than Vampires with Morals 🙂


Maybe I am Crazy… (original post May, 2008)

I am a little embarrased about my obsession- I am 34 years old, working in a very rewarding job, with wonderful children/husband, and am always striving to better myself….. So MAYBE that explains as I write this how maybe I struggle admitting my teenage like hysterical reaction to some things…..I know many of us have ranted and raved about the Stephanie Meyers Twilight series (So maybe my midlife obsession with a book written for teenagers isnt an uncommon thing)…. Maybe I was rather offended when in the middle of the count down to the new book, as well as the movie that she had worked on something else… Maybe I thought – How could she when all of us are waiting patiently for the fourth installment of the Bella/Edward/Jacob saga?

And then… There I was, shopping at costco on mothersday, spotted that book that new book ..There it was just sitting on the book table … SCREAMING MY NAME … Maybe i thought to myself… No way! Aliens? … But then again Maybe I purchased it… and Maybe I read it… maybe losing sleep to do so… maybe unable to put it down…. Maybe crying at the end … maybe not that little tear that escapes my eye and runs down my cheek…. no no…. maybe those overwhelming uncontrollable sobs… maybe you know the kind.

Maybe it is just where I am in my life right now… Maybe it just said somethings that I needed to hear, maybe it gave me a perspective on mankind that I could relate too, and gave me a goal of what I want to be like, Maybe it was BEAUTIFUL! Maybe it defined service, Maybe it touched on the deepest kind of love, Maybe I am still so shocked that I like this author SO much (maybe it is admittedly a little out of my norm) Maybe I relate to the characters so much because I am so blessed with people in my life. Maybe if I let go of all my weird pretenses about such a book…. and acknowledge that someone (named stephanie meyers) is masking these amazing truths in stories that young people (and old people apparently) will read… Maybe we are all being tricked into having spiritual experiences while reading a cheesy sounding sci-fi?
Maybe you better read it

And Now maybe you better see it!!! … Maybe then we can discuss …. Nature of man… Good Vs. Evil …I believe we are all the souls that are innately good.