….5 reasons I am voting for Barack Obama in 2012

in the words of Susan B. Anthony: “No self-respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex”

#1… Buffett Rule… “The money’s got to come from somewhere,” Obama said.

#2 … He thinks people should have access to free preventative health care… why is this an issue?

#3 …  He is fighting on behalf of women’s reproductive rights…

#4 … repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ….and announcing his support of marriage equality …

#5 … The Life of Julia

(People… it’s not just about me or people like me, but everyone … All the poor, indigent, colored, uterus-owning, sick and anyone who can become sick… Everyone.)


Bonus Thoughts on Romney: While he is more moderate than the other Republican candidates…  he’s decided to practice the anti intellectual, pro Christian, politics of fear that the rest of the candidates are using to try to win the Republican nomination….  I don’t think Romney has much to offer as a President….  I admire the work he did with the Salt Lake City Olympics, but I don’t think he will actually make the big changes we need to save the US….  He’s not a transformational leader….

and this…

… Have you hugged a local occupier today? Happy May Day!

I will be heading into work this morning…  I do not have the funds… nor the job security to call in sick today….. I am a coward… With mouths to feed and a roof over heads to maintain… and I don’t think anyone truly holds that against me…. I am so grateful for those in a position to be there protesting today…

In what Occupy organizers are calling “a day without the 99%,” protesters are planning to participate in a “general strike” on Tuesday: no work, no shopping, no banking.

I will be participating in the: no shopping, no banking, not pumping a damn drop of gas today….  And I will hug the first Occupier I see!!!